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Posted on 29 March, 2015 at 6:25

There is no such thing as a “PERFECT DOG”. British bulldogs come with their own set of unique issues both genetic and environmental, this is because they are a man made breed. British Bulldogs very rarely mate naturally without human intervention. Why? Because man changed them and altered their appearance. Unfortunately this action has come at a great cost to the dogs overall health. We breed our dogs for health and temperament first and foremost then for Show potential, all the while confirming to the Breed standard. It is every breeders desire to breed a wonderful successful Show quality dogs and that is what we aim to do, however this is not always achieved, just ask any honest reputable breeder. Most if not all dogs have their faults that vary in degree in every dog. Then the environment comes in and offers it’s own set of challenges.

So hence there are problems that may rise up occasionally even with the utmost care taken in the breeding plan, there are no guarantees that it will not occur in your dog even though we take the greatest care to bring together dogs that compliment each other and have very strong healthy lines. These common problems include but are not limited to; Eye problems such are entropy, cherry eye, tear staining, and general eye irritations.

Snoring, gagging at times with build up of phlegm, and after meals. This itself may require intervention from a Vet but more often than not it simply reduces as the dog grows into it’s body or may even occur due to being simply overweight.

Hip concerns including dysplasia, the Body of the British bulldogs is unique and most of the dogs weight is in the front huge shoulders and frame, the British Bulldog if not watched carefully can increase his weight causing huge pressure on hips and shoulders, too much exercise, stairs, jumping off furniture or out of cars.

The tail of the British bulldog this also is what makes them unique and what people recognise about the dog but it is another area that at times may be a concern especially if it goes into a pocket. This means that it requires increased vigilance to keep it clean and if it screws up very tight a vets opinion regarding it’s structure to be sure it is not causing any injury to the dog should be obtained. It is simply a natural part of the dog even in its various forms, screw, crank, pancake, leaver and straight.


British bulldogs are known for their easy temperament and loving nature. They are easily pleased and demand little. Caring for a British bulldog, however, takes more care and foresight than caring for the average dog. This includes the British bulldog's food. Like all dogs, British bulldogs require a balanced diet of proteins, minerals, vegetables and carbohydrates. This can be accomplished with commercial dog food, but many British bulldog owners prefer to prepare their dog's food themselves to insure the proper dietary mix. Veterinarians concur that this is a good practice, at least for part of the British bulldog's meal plan.


The constitution of British bulldogs is among the most delicate of all dogs. In addition to the conditions noted, British bulldogs, as with other breeds, are also highly prone to developing allergies. Owners must think carefully about how to insure that their dog's food is not allergenic, as well as which food will not exacerbate the dog's other physical vulnerabilities. In addition to hypoallergenic commercially prepared food, fresh cooked meat mixed with pasta and easily digestible vegetables is a popular option suggested by veterinarians. Soy products should never be added to a British bulldog's diet, as it is hard for bulldogs to digest soy.


Although vets generally recommend feeding a dog once a day, British bulldog owners have, on the whole, discovered that feeding their dogs twice a day cuts down on the flatulence, as well as reduces the possibility of the dog developing gastric torsion. With this in mind, many vets suggest that British bulldog owners divide meals, feeding a balanced, home-cooked meal for one meal and a high quality commercial dry dog food for the second meal. This will give the dog one meal that has been carefully balanced by veterinary dieticians, while allowing her a second meal that will be more varied and keep her interested in her food. We have always allowed free eating and this is what your new pup is used to, that is there is food always available this has proved to be a great convenience and stops bolting the food down due to hunger, it works for us.


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